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April 11, 2005




i'm from n.y's rival "steak capital" so my standard for "great steaks" is inordinately high. the presentation at peter lugar's looks very crass - but i don't mind that as long as the food is good. do they dry-age in-house?



I completely agree that the presentation is crass, in fact non-existent. But they do dry-age in house and get first selection of prime beef. WHere is NYs rival steak capital?

Steak capital?

The other steak capital is obviously Chicago, which has a long tradition of butcheries and is in the Midwest so they're a bit closer to the cows. That and the whole commodities market thing.


I am a luger regular, and agree it's fairly basic. Think of it as crass or maybe unpretentious, although slowly the place is getting a facelift. But the steaks are the best, better than the steakhouse chains and better than all of its NYC rivals.

Feel free to recommend someplace close in quality.

I drive with my friends about 200 miles for lunch at Luger's, which is the best time to go. We arrive at 11:30, have a feast, and leave the city by 2. We go about once every two months. It's our guys getaway.

Carole Willk

I was not impressed with the steak at all! First time there after hearing it was the best. Salad was watery with blue cheese dressing on it...Steak did not come out the way I liked it...had to send back twice. I have eaten in many steak houses much better than this one. Ate there last night..

olive garden

i love this place


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