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July 28, 2004



Maureen.... Sister ate everything... even bread cooked in open market ovans.... and ... get this she drank "homemade beer " at one of those off the road beer joints/ pool hall /houses with firt floors and guinni pigs running around.... blew me away....

Peru Tours

:) well i have to make some clarification here. Peruvian cuisine is not spanish food with local vegs and animals. Actually many dishes came from ancient times, even pre-incan times. In the last years, the peruvian cuisine has been recognized as one of the bests of the world. Lima is consider nowadays the latin america gourmet capital. You reaaaally have to eat in good restaurants (and believe me, in many cases, thats not a synonymousn of expensive) for tasting the huge and varied cuisine we have, from traditional to the espectacular neo-peruvian dishes.

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